Best Aphrodisiacs to Spice up Your Sex Life

6 February 2014 | 0 Comments

Top aphrodisiacs to spice up your sex life

In my opinion, lots of mind-blowing sex is one of the best things for a relationship: by connecting with each other physically, you often find you connect emotionally.

When things in the relationship start to turn sour, sex is often the first thing to stop (or perhaps things turn sour because a lack of sex — think about that for a moment!). That’s why I wrote this article, to help you reconnect with your boyfriend physically and add some extra spice to your relationship.

You’ve probably all heard of aphrodisiacs; if not, they’re foods that possess miraculous sexual powers, either by making you feel more sexual, or by intensifying the pleasures of it. Many people dismiss these aphrodisiacs as old wives tales, but let me tell you, they really do work — there’s even a whole load of (boring) scientific research to back me up on this!

If you and your boyfriend are going through a bit of a dry spell — or you just want to add some extra passion to your night together — try cooking him a meal that incorporates some of these fantastic aphrodisiacs.

These, girls, are the best aphrodisiacs to spice up your sex life.

You can thank me later! [Read More…]

Apps Like Tinder

20 January 2014 | 0 Comments

Apps Similar to Tinder

Over the last few years, online dating has experienced an explosion in popularity. In the early days, online daters would go to great lengths to disguise the fact, creating elaborate tales of romance and destiny when describing how they met their new love interest.

This just isn’t the case anymore. It seems that single people all over the world are scrambling over themselves to be a part of the booming online dating industry — and doing so quite openly.

Despite the unprecedented success for many online dating providers, the online world marches on relentlessly and online dating services have had to evolve in order to survive.

With vast numbers of people now having access to smartphones it is no surprise that the online dating world has decided to tap into this potential. There are now hundreds of different dating apps, all designed with one thing in mind: Helping singletons find love in quickest and most convenient way possible. [Read More…]

Warning Signs in Online Relationships

15 January 2014 | 0 Comments

Is He Who He Says He Is Online?

So you’ve just met a guy online and you can’t stop talking to each other; He’s really hot and he just seems to get you. It’s as if he’s almost too good to be true!

Now, I’ll start by saying that online dating has come along way in recent years. There used to be a terrible stigma attached to it and people would try to cover up how they actually met — If you told your friends you were meeting a guy off the internet they would sceptically raise their eyebrows and tell you that it was probably some creepy old man trying to meet young women!

Thankfully these days are gone and it is perfectly acceptable to participate in online dating. It’s a booming industry and many girls I know have actually met their boyfriend online. Sure there are some hilarious stories out there of when things have gone wrong, but 99% of the men online seem to be who they say they are! If you want to give it a try, I’d definitely tell you to go for it.

But what of the other 1%? Well, if you’ve ever seen MTV’s Catfish you probably have a good idea of what we’re talking about. Some people will lie about what they look like or aspects of their personality. Some people aren’t who they say they are at all.

It is definitely possible to develop a connection online, and this will be confirmed by the millions of people who have found love online. This can make it extremely painful and hard to take if you find out you’ve been misread or outright lied to by the person you have been speaking to.

But what exactly should you be looking for online that might suggest that the Mr Right you are talking to isn’t being completely honest and is perhaps one of these Catfish. These are the warning signs in online relationships to keep your eye out for. [Read More…]

Best Romantic Movies

18 December 2013 | 0 Comments

Top Romantic Movies

Sometimes, whether you’re single or all loved up yourself, it’s great to just curl up on the sofa and put a romantic film up on the TV. Nothing beats that lovey, gooey feeling you get when that dream guy sweeps his woman off her feet and they finally get it together. And sure, my boyfriend might not want to watch them that often (though I secretly think they are a guilty pleasure of his!), but that doesn’t mean a romantic movie isn’t the perfect idea for a girls night in, or even to even watch snuggled up by yourself.

My problem is that I’m just too indecisive at times — I can never pick which film I want to watch. So, if you’re anything like me then you’re in luck! I have put together a list of six of the best romantic movies of recent years. [Read More…]

Free Dating Sites

12 December 2013 | 0 Comments

Best Free Online Dating Sites

Several years ago there was definitely a stigma attached to the world of online dating — people would look down on you as some sort of social freak if you met your partner online.

However, now that the first generation to have grown up with easy internet access are of dating age, this stigma has reduced. In fact, I actually don’t think any exists today at all. I have friends who are with long term partners who they met on the internet, and they are quite open about it. There seems to be very little judgement cast upon them as people really do do everything on the internet these days. I myself have met a few guys from the internet, and although they have never materialized into something deep and meaningful, I still enjoyed my dates. [Read More…]

Top 20 Romantic Songs

11 December 2013 | 0 Comments

Top 20 Romantic Songs

Sometimes when I’m hanging out with my boyfriend we like to put some music on — I’m sure you’re no different.

Usually we take turns to pick the album, but every now and then when I’m feeling all loved up it’s nice to put on some love songs. And even if you’re single and feeling a little lonely, there’s nothing like throwing a few romantic anthems on to make you feel optimistic about your future love life!

Here are my top 20 romantic songs. Don’t fancy buying them on itunes? Don’t worry, Youtube is your friend! [Read More…]